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Q.1 : Is it permanent & grows?

Ans: It is permanent & grows after hair cut or shaving, growth starts after 6 weeks.

Q.2 : Age & complications ?

Ans : Can be done at any age in an adult. No major complication if patient does not have Medical Complication like Diabetes Heart etc. No risk of injury to Brain.

Q.3 : Any visible scar mark?

Ans : Hair is taken from back of scalp and closer is done by Trichophytic technique, so that no visible scar mark at the donor site. Hair grows through the scar line. Fine needle marks at the recipient area are completely invisible.

Q 4 : Is hair transplantation possible in males & females?

Ans : Yes, possible in both male & female and transplantation is successfully equally in both sexes.

Q 5 : Is there any age bar?

Ans : Normally any adult preferably after the age of 21 yrs can go for Hair Transplantation surgery. We have elderly candidate up to age of 70 yrs who were medically fit.

Q 6: Doctor, you just said 'Medically Fit', would you please explain?

Ans : It means patient is not taking any medicine regularly specially for Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure or any heart related problems. But patient with controlled diabetes or blood pressure can go for surgery. Only patients having anti-coagulant medicine, that is which delays blood clotting should better to avoid surgery like patient with changed heart valve or choronary stened etc.

Q 7: Is hair transplantation surgery possible in areas other than scalp/head?

Ans : Yes, it is very much possible. It is done in eye brow, moustache, beard, side burns with equally successful result.

Q 8: From where the hairs are collected?

Ans : The hairs are usually taken from back of the head of the same person commonly. It can be taken from body part also.

Q 9 : Doctor, is it a very painful surgery?

Ans : Absolutely not! This is a painless surgery. This is done under local anesthesia and there is no pain during surgery and also in the period after surgery. Only some common pain killer has to be taken.

Q 10. Is there any major bleeding?

Ans : The blood losses are negligible.

Q 11: Is there any chance of falling other/transplanted hairs?

Ans : Some of the transplanted hairs and natural hairs may fall within first 6 weeks of the surgery but all hairs grows after 3 months including normal hairs and transplanted hairs.

Q 12: Is the scar is visible on the back head?

Ans : Scar on the back side of head not visible as hairs grows through it and no gap will left.

Q 13: Are the hairs permanent and grows naturally?

Ans : Yes hair that grows and permanent as it can be cut, shaved and shampooed.

Q 14: What is hair weaving?

Ans : Hair weaving is basically a wig. It is cap type net, over which the artificial hairs. It clips to existing hairs. It has to be tightened regularly as growth of the hair and taken off after returning home. So it is not your own natural hair, neither permanent or grows.

Q 15 : What is the problem for using wig?

Ans : Due to pressure of wig it causes enormous hair loss, skin of scalp become thin, moreover it is not your own hair, it is just like a artificial cap.


Q.1 : How depressed nose is corrected?

Ans : By Cartilage from Nose or Ear or Rib. Silicon implant may be used.

Q.2 : How Tip is made sharp?

Ans : This is called Tip Plasty. No visible Scar Mark Is left.

Q.3 : Can broad base be corrected?

Ans : Yes can be made narrower.

Q.4 : How long is recovery time?

Ans : Patient is discharged on same or next day. One Plaster is kept for 4-5 days over the nose.


Q.1 : How it is done?

Ans : Done by Liposuction & Excision of Breast Disk.

Q.2 : Is any Scar Mark visible?

Ans : No visible scar. Incision is given at the junction of Areola and Skin margin.

Q.3 : Does it reappear?

Ans : No it does not, as the Breast Disk is removed. Patient is advised to wear a pressure garment for 6 weeks after surgery so that loose skin does not sag down.


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